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Miracle of the Marne and the Battle of Verdun

5 days from £399

On the battlefields around Meaux we learn about one of the three great battles of the French Army. The Battle of the Marne was a turning point in 1914 - the seemingly unstoppable advance of the German Army was halted on the very gates of Paris by the Mirac


5-Day Tour

  • Day 1 – Local departure by coach, then onwards to the Reims area for a four-night stay.
  • Day 2 – We start at Fort La Pompelle. Now a museum, it sat on the front line for four years. We then see where the French attacked at Mourmelon in 1915 and 1917, visiting French and German graves, and also the unique Russian Cemetery and Memorial. Lunchtime in Suippes, with extended time to visit the Champagne-Marne Museum, before visiting Navarin Farm and the American Memorial on Blanc Mont, set among Sommepy trenches and shell-holes from 1918. Breakfast
  • Day 3 – We travel to Meaux, just outside Paris, where we visit the spectacular Meaux Museum, with an incredible collection of WW1 uniforms, weapons and equipment. Lunchtime in Meaux, then travel out on to the Marne battlefields to see the British Memorial to the Missing of the 1914 campaign at La Ferte Sous Jouarre, and the Royal Engine Memorial where the pontoon bridges across the Marne were built. At Château-Thierry, see the huge American Memorial commemorating the 1918 battle and look at the story of the ‘Doughboys’ who were here at that time. We end the day at the impressive Dormans Memorial which commemorates those who fought and died on the Marne during the First World War. Breakfast
  • Day 4 – At Vauquois, we see where a whole village was blown off a hillside following tunnelling operations by French and German troops. We then follow the US Advance in September 1918 to Romagne, visiting the War Museum, and nearby Meuse-Argonne War Cemetery – the largest American cemetery in Europe with more than 14,000 graves. After lunch, we travel to Verdun to see the Ossuary at Douaumont; an imposing memorial which contains the remains of more than 120,000 soldiers who fell at Verdun in 1916. We then look at the battle of the Verdun forts. Breakfast
  • Day 5 – To Calais, then return home. Breakfast